fall creek preserve

Fall Creek Preserve is a privately owned 30 acre perserve located in Clatskanie Oregon.

It is home to three precious and gorgeous waterfalls, 27 acres of wild forest preserve, and private park.

Where Wildlife is Welcome 
Humans by invitiation ONLY!

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The Experience!

A small hidden paradise located in the lush forest on 30 private acres in the beautiful city of Clatskanie Oregon. 


Within the folds of the lush forest resides a magical place of tranquility and peace.  Touched on the south side by three breathtaking waterfalls cascading into sacred pools and touched on the north side with breathtaking views of the Columbia River.  This land is precious and held in preserve by it's caretaker(s).

In the lower South East corner of the property we will be developing Fall Creek Park.  This multi-use private park will be used to help fund and care for the 30 acre preserve.

Access to the property is restricted and out of respect for nature and the beings that reside on the land, please stay out unless given explicit permission by the caretaker. 


About Us

We Start

We start with a deep abiding care for the land and the water.  From there we learn and practice care for it and it's inhabitants.

This website will serve as a journaling exploration of caring for and exploring the Fall Creek Preserve.  The renovation and development of Fall Creek Park to help fund the preserve and keep it healthy for many generations to come.

Please join me on the journey as I discover the rich history of the property and it's connection to the town of Clatskanie.  Join me on adventures into the mysteries of life on the property both current and past.  Let's discover and explore what wonders lay hidden within the folds of the forest and care for the land while we do it.


Since 2022